A fire extinguisher can put out a fire, save a building or even save a life, but you don’t know if it works until the important moment when you need to use it. This is why a fire extinguisher service is essential.

By having your fire extinguisher checked and serviced you have the peace of mind that if there is an emergency, your fire extinguisher will not let you down. Your fire extinguisher needs to work straight away and this is why regular checks and services by a professional company are essential.

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It is also a legal obligation that your fire extinguishers work. The Regulatory Fire Reform 2005 (also known as the Fire Safety Order 2005) states that all fire fighting equipment must be subject to a suitable system of maintenance and be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair – Can this be said for the fire fighting equipment in your property?

Visual Checks & Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Here at CircleFire we can complete these checks and maintenance for you, or help you put together a procedure to make sure the visual checks are done correctly in house. The visual checks can easily be completed in house by a member of your team if you choose, but the maintenance of your fire extinguishers needs to be completed by a competent, trained and professional person, such as member of our team here at CircleFire.

Regularity of Fire Extinguisher Checks and Services?

Visual inspections need to be completed monthly for all extinguisher types, and basic services will need to be completed annually. If you have water and water-based fire extinguishers or powder fire extinguishers these will need an extended service every 5 years, while powder primary sealed and CO2 fire extinguishers will need to be given an extended service every 10 years.

Monthly Visual Inspections

There are lots of points that need to be checked on the monthly visual inspection such as ensuring the fire extinguishers are in the right place, they can be seen easily, operating instructions are clear to see, there is no obvious damage, the pressure is at a safe level and the tamper seals are intact. This then needs to be recorded.

Extended servicing of your fire extinguisher means that the fire extinguisher will need discharging in full and it will be checked for internal corrosion before refilling and re-pressurising the fire extinguisher.