There are multiple fire hazards in every workplace and when completing a risk assessment it is important that these fire hazards are identified.

For example, think of the possible ignition sources that are in your business premises such as any cooking equipment or industrial process that involves heat, any electrical devices or even blocked ventilation or extraction systems. These could all ignite to cause a fire.

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Think about the materials in your business that could fuel a fire; this could be anything from paperwork and files through to packaging, chemicals, wood or even flammable gases. It is essential that even in a low risk environment like an office, that cleaning products, paperwork and boxes are stored correctly to reduce the risk or spread of fire.

You also need to consider the amount of people in your office at any time; as a business owner you are responsible for the safety of everyone in your building, from the cleaner for a few hours a week and visitors in your office right through to your full time employees. A coordinated approach to fire safety is required so everyone in your building knows what to do and what their responsibilities are should there be a fire in the workplace.

Once fire hazards in the workplace have been considered you then need to create a fire risk assessment process that looks at how you will protect your business premises and those within the business premises in case of an emergency, how people can be alerted of a fire, how the spreading of the fire can be prevented and if possible, how the fire can be put out by employees.

If you would like help with your fire safety check or fire risk assessment then please do feel free to contact us; we would be only too happy to help you ensure that the employees of your business are safe and prepared if a fire was to happen in your workplace.